This is a collection of dotfiles and scripts for my bspwm setup
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This is a collection of dotfiles and scripts for my i3/bspwm setup, previewed below:


[Archived] script to manage dotfiles.


All packages that are manually installed via pacman -S, can be found in the packages file, dependencies are not included.


Below are all the system changes that were made.\\

  • $ command
  • <> variable
  • () action


Boot defaults:

$ vim /boot/loader/loader.conf
timeout 3
default arch

Boot config:

<uuid> = $ blkid # from the / 'root' partition
$ vim /boot/loader/entries/arch.conf
title Arch Linux
linux /vmlinuz-linux
initrd /intel-ucode.img
initrd /initramfs-linux.img
options root=PARTUUID=<uuid> rw

Predictable network interface names:

$ ln -s /dev/null /etc/systemd/network/


$ systemctl enable netctl-auto@wlan0.service
$ wifi-menu


$ systemctl enable fstrim.timer

Give wheel users sudo permission:

$ sudo EDITOR=vim visudo
(add)Defaults insults
(uncomment)%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL

Add user:

$ useradd -m -G wheel -s /bin/bash <user>
$ passwd <user>

Pacman colors:

$ vim /etc/pacman.conf


Installing AUR helper:

$ git clone
$ cd trizen
$ makepkg -si
$ cd ..

$ trizen -S trizen
$ rm -rf trizen

Switch shell to zsh:

$ chsh -s /bin/zsh


$ git config --global "<email address>"
$ git config --global "<name>"

Lock before sleep:

$ sudo systemctl enable i3lock@<user>


$ systemctl enable tlp.service

$ vim /etc/tlp.conf

Mail gpg:

$ gpg --decrypt <backup.pgp> | gpg --import
$ gpg --search-keys <email address>

Give permission to /dev/ttyUSB0 to PlatformIO:

$ gpasswd -a <user> uucp

Give permissions to change the brightness to brightnessctl:

$ gpasswd -a <user> input
$ gpasswd -a <user> video

Set Firefox as default browser:

$ xdg-settings set default-web-browser firefox.desktop

Prevent bricking motherboard by mounting efivars read-only:

$ vim /etc/fstab
(add)efivarfs    /sys/firmware/efi/efivars    efivarfs    ro,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noatime 0 0