Space Walk board game
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#ifndef MAINGAME_H
#define MAINGAME_H
// Each player holds 9 ships, 3 of each size
#define SHIP_SIZE 18
#define PLAYER_SIZE 2
#include <vector>
#include "gamestate.h"
class Board;
class BoardWindow;
class InfoWindow;
class Player;
class SpaceShip;
class MainGame : public GameState
MainGame(Player **player);
void initialize();
void update();
void render();
void destroy();
void phase1();
void phase2();
void nextPlayerTurn();
void calculateWinner();
std::string help;
bool phase;
bool changePhase;
unsigned char playerTurn;
char queuePlanet;
std::vector<SpaceShip *> *queue;
Player **player;
Board *board;
SpaceShip **ship;
BoardWindow *boardWindow;
InfoWindow *infoWindow;
#endif // MAINGAME_H