128 Commits (master)

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Riyyi 79ede83a99 Meta: Improve project when used as a dependency 7 months ago
Riyyi 287c2457e7 Env: Add max/min/cos/sin math functions 7 months ago
Riyyi 092ada8479 Repl+Env+Example: Load global outer environment in Repl::init 8 months ago
Riyyi b68839902c Meta: Add needed LSP requirement 8 months ago
Riyyi f87eb4d934 Meta: Move main to example target, better include compatibility 8 months ago
Riyyi 11f0553b5a AST+Env+Printer+Reader: Implement floating point numbers 8 months ago
Riyyi 705e80ad6b Everywhere: Split REPL from main(), put settings in environment 8 months ago
Riyyi 4cc2acc8a0 Printer: Rename node -> value 8 months ago
Riyyi f5dc1168eb Reader+Env: Add dump function 8 months ago
Riyyi 536e55e75a Everywhere: Add docstring support 8 months ago
Riyyi 25871cd5d5 Print: Make strings brightgreen color 8 months ago
Riyyi 929fb5d645 Env+Eval: Tweak (and) and (-) 8 months ago
Riyyi 9db041946e Env: Add string/number conversion functions 8 months ago
Riyyi b74f3448b2 Eval: Allow multiple s-expr in fn* 8 months ago
Riyyi b727f7147e Eval: Add and/or special forms 9 months ago
Riyyi c6c6d69e73 Eval: Allow multiple s-expr in try* 9 months ago
Riyyi bb6f3e7496 Meta: Change README.org title and description 9 months ago
Riyyi 1915621427 Eval: Change (macroexpand) into (macroexpand-1) 9 months ago
Riyyi 9895195410 Env: Add support to (count) for HashMap type 11 months ago
Riyyi e8206d762c Env: Load lisp code at runtime from files 11 months ago
Riyyi b65482eb68 Env: Allow load order control for native functions 11 months ago
Riyyi 67b982fd4c Eval: Merge eval, eval-ast and macroexpand 11 months ago
Riyyi d3a50abfbc Env: Organize functions better by splitting into multiple files 11 months ago
Riyyi 80b25f8c21 Eval: Add special form while 11 months ago
Riyyi 0d43512ea9 Everywhere: Do less Collection nodes copying 11 months ago
Riyyi fa4bd63dca Main: Remove step mains 11 months ago
Riyyi 3aa99d0045 Meta: Add make targets for running self-hosted tests 11 months ago
Riyyi a099e955cf Eval: Fix bug with try* catch*, was set as TCO in main loop 11 months ago
Riyyi 63a19170ef Eval: Change stack-based TCO to loop-based TCO 11 months ago
Riyyi cf8e5dfc66 Everywhere: Remove HashMap::add() and remove(), as its not mutable 11 months ago
Riyyi 733d84c124 Main: Fix *ARGV* with 0 arguments 11 months ago
Riyyi ce0443a20e Everywhere: Remove Collection::add(), they are not mutable 1 year ago
Riyyi 6e6479bd14 Everywhere: Make the project compile again 1 year ago
Riyyi 453ca1f796 Lexer+Reader: Don't tokenize comments 1 year ago
Riyyi 534d80c35d Reader: Prevent infinite loop during List and Vector creation 1 year ago
Riyyi 099cda8b86 Main+Meta: Allow compilation of each step without source changes 1 year ago
Riyyi 4fff2b9aa2 Everywhere: Rename ValueList -> ValueVector 1 year ago
Riyyi 63c31d7ccf Everywhere: Convert List and Vector back to std::vector, ~+20% speed 1 year ago
Riyyi 12d6b8ec88 Everywhere: Change macro into a separate type 1 year ago
Riyyi f796f9c685 AST+Env: Implement stepA 1 year ago
Riyyi 86e1a630b8 AST+Eval: Prevent list copy during core function 'rest' 1 year ago
Riyyi d34ab1efab AST+Eval: Prevent copying lists where unneeded 1 year ago
Riyyi 24eab1034e Eval: Speed up isMacroCall a bit 1 year ago
Riyyi 6e0fe3a2f5 Main+Readline+Env: Add readline core function 1 year ago
Riyyi 7d91ef9198 Meta: Update README.org 1 year ago
Riyyi 76eb4204be Meta: Update README.org 1 year ago
Riyyi fc76da4ced Meta: Add README.org 1 year ago
Riyyi 88d9253219 Main: Fix compilation of older steps 1 year ago
Riyyi fa79f1296a Main: Fix extra newline on empty input in readline 1 year ago
Riyyi bb4ccc5822 Everywhere: Implement step9 try/catch 1 year ago