46 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Riyyi 526948874a Macro: Add string concat macro function 3 months ago
Riyyi c8e4ae884e Format: Improve the double formatting implementation 3 months ago
Riyyi 07c9f9959d Util: Fix singleton resource cleanup 1 year ago
Riyyi 9000d1d968 CMake: Populate list of required include directories for library targets 1 year ago
Riyyi 50fe09ee56 Util: Fix reading binary files 1 year ago
Riyyi 6cd2fe4e9a Util: Add ArgParser::parse overload for C legacy 1 year ago
Riyyi 703be90792 Util: Revert allow setting instance pointer manually 1 year ago
Riyyi da9fb1ed0f Util: Allow setting instance pointer manually, ex: in constructor 1 year ago
Riyyi d6f378b6bc Json: Add support for float, deduplicate code 1 year ago
Riyyi e592ee7fd4 Util: Add length() and raw() functions to File class 1 year ago
Riyyi 8e2e1a13df Format: Add support for unsigned char 1 year ago
Riyyi afdd0f8b45 Format: Fix left shift operator log messages 1 year ago
Riyyi 93af096d68 Util: Set singleton instance pointer early 1 year ago
Riyyi 228e290b94 Json: Add support for more integral types 1 year ago
Riyyi cacd3ca8fd Doc: Add link to format specification and previous development locations 1 year ago
Riyyi 953df138c0 CMake: Automatically build tests during standalone compilation 1 year ago
Riyyi f3e49d8f74 CMake: Link instead of recompile 1 year ago
Riyyi 3b7d8d1e4a CMake: Allow for shared library compilation 1 year ago
Riyyi d3de1fb635 Macro: Add define for bit shifts 1 year ago
Riyyi f31f7feb5e Test: Silence compiler warning about signed int literal being too big 2 years ago
Riyyi 7093b5ad3d Json: Remove redundant width specifier to silence compiler warning 2 years ago
Riyyi 145c7e44a2 Format: Silence compiler warning about switch statement fall through 2 years ago
Riyyi 29406fac1f Meta: Dont try to lint files that are being deleted 2 years ago
Riyyi 27489c6cb4 Format: Re-add using statement to Formatter 2 years ago
Riyyi a83615083d Format: Allow user-defined types in Parser 2 years ago
Riyyi febb89be9c Format: Add using statement to Formatter 2 years ago
Riyyi bbeab2efd0 Format: Flush file stream just in case 2 years ago
Riyyi 0448e01f0a Meta: Allow single line short case labels in .clang-format 2 years ago
Riyyi 94eb1dd173 Util: Fix function source check, to prevent infinite recursion 2 years ago
Riyyi f7157feddf Util: Prefer string_view as function parameter in File class 2 years ago
Riyyi b5e55f13d3 Meta: Print commit hook scripts via function 2 years ago
Riyyi 054980e0f2 Meta: Add feature to temporary clear unstaged files in lint-ci.sh 2 years ago
Riyyi 1361ee04f9 Meta: Fix commit linting commit-hook to receive COMMIT_EDITMSG 2 years ago
Riyyi a858eaef1d CMake: Remove unneeded item removal 2 years ago
Riyyi 0eadcc555a Util: Fix asserts in release mode 2 years ago
Riyyi d39fd8d8e7 Meta: Add commit linting commit-hook 2 years ago
Riyyi 41cd67dc34 Meta: Allow pre-commit hooks to be run from parent project 2 years ago
Riyyi 77b13b08a6 Meta: Add git pre-commit hooks and install script 2 years ago
Riyyi be73ba335e Everywhere: Move everything in namescape Util => ruc 2 years ago
Riyyi 0e5f21474b Doc: Add list of features to readme 2 years ago
Riyyi e940c81670 Util+Test: Add code snapshot from the riyyi/manafiles project 2 years ago
Riyyi de7070a35c CMake: Add compilation targets 2 years ago
Riyyi 93914fdf31 Meta: Add .gitignore and compile_commands.json symlink 2 years ago
Riyyi b5d6f6e592 Meta: Add .clang-format config file 2 years ago
Riyyi ea0cfc9181 Doc: Add readme 2 years ago
Riyyi 616ba43d29 Meta: Add license 2 years ago