746 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Riyyi 9cc18db3ba Neovim: Add config, switch to it from Vim 1 week ago
Riyyi 88dc203b9f Emacs: Fix YASnippet expansion in insert mode 2 months ago
Riyyi 50d8e3f455 Emacs: Fix YASnippet expansion in insert mode 2 months ago
Riyyi 5e7058563f Emacs: Update Elpaca bootstrap to 0.6 3 months ago
Riyyi 5bc947db3d Scripts: Play video from clipboard 3 months ago
Riyyi 94f59f5b31 Emacs: Update function name 4 months ago
Riyyi 484fa668de Emacs: Fill last modified with timestamp when saving org files 4 months ago
Riyyi 1fb041fffc Emacs: Don't fuzzy search in consult-line 6 months ago
Riyyi 9f5ce80255 Emacs: Add hunspell multi-dictionary spell checking 6 months ago
Riyyi 1068ef9502 Emacs: Fix Elpaca call 7 months ago
Riyyi 3b01c0b759 Emacs: Update config to use version 29 features 7 months ago
Riyyi 11d351f629 Emacs: Read cache directory from ~ if no XDG is set 10 months ago
Riyyi dbf929c687 Emacs: Update Elpaca bootstrap to version 0.3 11 months ago
Riyyi 9461c904cd Emacs: Fix org-roam by adding SQLite dependency 12 months ago
Riyyi f9459cfe66 Emacs: Update to use vertico-prescient, update Elpaca bootstrap 12 months ago
Riyyi 17cbd91236 Emacs: Fix dashboard startup 1 year ago
Riyyi 89607db905 Emacs: Complete restructure of the config 1 year ago
Riyyi 2b5aabebfb Config: Fix YouTube channel videos being hidden accidently 1 year ago
Riyyi 437dd48e51 Emacs: Make evil shift in visual mode prefix compatible 1 year ago
Riyyi 82e5740e22 Emacs: Save state on exit, fix general leader key in *Messages* buffer 1 year ago
Riyyi cf417d95b2 Config: Actually lock the screen before going to sleep, using systemd 1 year ago
Riyyi c3811b7f78 Emacs: Add function to copy C++ function implementation to clipboard 1 year ago
Riyyi 3378ba974c Emacs: Add keybind to select magit repo, using prefix argument 1 year ago
Riyyi 8904a85694 Config: Fix rofi not starting due to duplicate keybinding 1 year ago
Riyyi 008efd440b Emacs: Fix auto-save fix :^) 2 years ago
Riyyi dcaff77c01 Emacs: Don't auto-save when focus switches to lsp-mode's signature view 2 years ago
Riyyi b28a885af9 Emacs: Hide everything thats not a file from centaur-tabs 2 years ago
Riyyi 3492090285 Emacs: Add bindings for function signature preview cycling 2 years ago
Riyyi 21dc56539f Emacs: User winner-mode instead of a custom function to undo windows 2 years ago
Riyyi 847537257e Emacs: Add window maximize toggle 2 years ago
Riyyi 81edda78b1 Emacs: Improve Org mode RET at point function for tables 2 years ago
Riyyi b87f56abcf Emacs: Add spell checker toggle function 2 years ago
Riyyi 82171e6684 Config: Add more XDG base directories 2 years ago
Riyyi a4bf47770c Config: Open terminal in current directory 2 years ago
Riyyi cd45f7595d Config: Add link and CSS property to Firefox 2 years ago
Riyyi 915690a2c8 Scripts: Open mpv window when starting audio_only streams 2 years ago
Riyyi 140c723776 Emacs: Check for .clangd config file, update flycheck to C++20 2 years ago
Riyyi 68a2c75bbc Emacs: Only format C++ buffers in source trees with .clang-format file 2 years ago
Riyyi 92fa2f52d8 Emacs: Format C++ project buffers before saving 2 years ago
Riyyi 9049b130a8 Emacs: Use more of the consult package 2 years ago
Riyyi 4389dce613 Emacs: Change git leader key prefix 2 years ago
Riyyi 28c152ba22 Emacs: Switch package projectile -> project.el 2 years ago
Riyyi ffbefa0887 Emacs: Improve pdflatex minted elisp 2 years ago
Riyyi de64c467e3 Manager: Add config file 2 years ago
Riyyi d91d412362 System: Unbind FiiO USB DAC E17K when going to sleep 2 years ago
Riyyi 594c32aa87 Config: Add day of week to polybar date module 2 years ago
Riyyi 48b88d0464 Emacs: Suppress native-comp warnings buffer 2 years ago
Riyyi 2bd9ebc4ea Emacs+Packages: Switch to native-compilation version 2 years ago
Riyyi 4c88465f78 Config: Add looking-glass.desktop file 2 years ago
Riyyi c116b8f589 Scripts: Fix quality flag for Twitch URLs 2 years ago